Not the 9th president of the USA, this William Henry Harrison, was born in 1842 the year after the death of the president (who died only a month or so after taking office). William Henry Harrison emigrated to the States in 1866 and had 22 children. A book has been written about William Henry and his descendants.
If you are American you may be descended from William Henry Harrison! William Henry had a younger brother John, who emigrated to the States about 10 years later. William Henry lived in Capac, Michigan. He had a meat market there. His grandfather was John Harrison from Corby,Lincs,England, who happened to be a butcher. William's brother John moved to Edmore,Michigan. Not a great deal is known about John, except he visited England in 1913. One of his English nieces, Elizabeth Geeson, visited the States in 1966 (when she was 81) and met up with John's daughter Maggie (then 90), as well of course with many of William Henry's descendants.