Lincolnshire Infantry song by Wilf Dexter, with a verse for the W.A.A.C.

Private Wilf Dexter

Wilf joined the Lincolnshire Infantry on his 16th birthday in August 1915, giving his age as 18. He was transferred to the Machine Gun Corps (formed in October 1915) and trained for 6 weeks at Belton House, near Grantham. He was sent to the front in May 1916, although he should not have been sent until he was '19'. Perhaps because of Sir Arthur Markham, MP for Mansfield, who tried to get the Government to return 'Boy Soldiers', and also because of the heavy casualties at the Somme, Wilf was returned home in August 1916, the month of his birthday and the month Sir Arthur Markham died at the age of 50, said to be because of the stress of fighting the cause of the underage soldiers. Wilf was in the Bicycle Corps for a while, the photograph taken at that time. He was retrained with the Essex Regiment 3rd battalion. After training he joined the Suffolk Regiment 12th battalion, and was sent to the front in February 1918, when he was 18 and a half - the legal age at that time of the war, reduced from 19 because of the high casualities. Wilf was wounded in the leg by a bomb from a plane on 12th April 1918, and as a result had to have the leg amputated. He recuperated at Chailey hospital in Sussex, Longford House in Stretford Manchester, and North Wales. He was discharged from the Army at Kinmel Bay, North Wales in July 1920.
Lincs Infantry Song