Colin Dexter started doing the 'Hitchcock thing' of appearing in each episode of Morse in a walk-on role. He had a scene where he was walking along a cloister towards the camera, and Morse was walking in the opposite direction. Colin Dexter (right photo) said on a TV program jokingly that was the time he realised it was not a good idea to continue to emulate Hitchcock, since there were too many takes! Perhaps he should have had shorter, 'blink and you miss it' walk-ons, like Hitchcock, e.g stepping off a bus! I think Colin Dexter had a look of my uncle Arthur (left photo) in that cloister walk. Both came from Lincolnshire, Arthur Dexter from Great Ponton, Colin Dexter from Stamford.

This photograph is of my Uncle Arthur's Liverpool maternity hospital commemmorative plaque.

Question for anyone, particularly people who work in Liverpool hospitals:
What happened to Arthur's commemmorative plaque?
Please email me if you know where it is.

Normally, commemmorative plaques are moved to other hospitals. The original hospital is no longer there. I believe it's now a students' hall of residence.

Arthur married in 1923 Minnie Tomlinson at St.John's, Waterloo, parish church in Liverpool. If there are any relations who may have more family photographs, please send me an email.
photos for Arthur and Minnie (also known as Peggy). and Arthur and his daughter Valerie. Also there is a 1912 photograph of my brother Arthur and his Liverpool pals as my dad Wilf wrote on the back of the photo.
Does anyone know who Arthur's Liverpool pals were?

family photos


Arthur W. Dexter (centre top) and his Liverpool pals