Family history

Family history

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Some interesting family history follows.

The family history on the home page is mainly 20th century.
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There is a separate page for the 19th century.
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Private Wilf (Wilfrid) Dexter WW1 Wilf (Wilfrid) Dexter(1899-1986) was James Dexter's grandfather who joined up for World War One when he was sixteen.
Click on his photo to get some of his war details, and hear him sing The Lincolnshire Infantry song from World War One. Be patient, wait for the audio to load. Note Wilf was 85 at the time of the recording, which was made on an old tape recorder.
After WW1 Wilf was a farmer with members of the family in North Witham, Lincs and later kept a pub, but never went abroad again.

Wilf's kids as they were!

A slightly blurred photo of Wilf's kids. Click
here to advance 60 years!

Stoolball at Chailey Hospital Wilf Dexter scorer Chailey Hospital Wilf Dexter 3rd from left seated The game of stoolball was promoted by Major W Grantham to help the wounded soldiers recuperate. Stoolball was played at Chailey by the recuperating soldiers, and Wilf Dexter on the right is the scorer. Stoolball was the forerunner of cricket, and is still played in the southern counties.

World War One Roll of Honour North Witham

World War 1 Roll of Honour in St Marys church North Witham.
Click on the WW1 Roll of Honour for bigger photo.

Visit Lincolnshire, click on the flag George Geeson Sr WW1
George Geeson Sr. fought in the Dardanelles during World War One. His first children George and Leonard were born just before WW1. His third son Cyril Geeson was born a few years after the end of World War One, and was tragically killed near the end of World War Two in India whilst on a training flight. Click on Cyril Geeson's plaque for detail. Flt Sgt Cyril Geeson 's plaque
George Geeson (Jr!) of South Witham Lincs renovated old motorbikes with his brother Leonard Geeson for many years in their workshop in South Witham. George is now 100!, and you can see a video of him taken in 2007 when he was 97, where he explains how to do an emergency stop in a Model T Ford! You may need to turn the sound up on the video.
George Geeson has had articles in many magazines and newspapers. He is famous world wide because of his claim to be Britain's longest living driver - 85 years since he got his licence at 15. George got a visit from a Portuguese video team, who posted the video of him driving in South Witham on Brazilian TV!

The troops in North Africa get news from home!During World War Two, in 1943, a short film was made by Pathe News which was shown at cinemas. The film was to encourage people to write to the troops. 'Desert rats' James Forbes (right) and his brother Tom (front right) are reading letters from home, but there is one soldier ( one of the desert rats ) reading the newpaper. He wants a letter from home!
James Forbes was much travelled during WW2, to Italy, France, the Middle East, and North Africa. James Forbes never went abroad again - he preferred North Wales!

Arthur W. Dexter aged about 50 Arthur W. Dexter's comm. plaque Arthur W. Dexter and his Liverpool maternity hospital commemorative plaque.

Question for anyone, particularly people who work in Liverpool hospitals:
What happened to Arthur Dexter's commemorative plaque?

Normally, when a hospital is closed, commemorative plaques are moved to other hospitals.

Fox Hunting from about 1896
Fox hunting may be illegal nowadays, but this article about the Belvoir fox hunt is from 1906, so the fox hunting is of historical interest. The Belvoir fox hunt was one of the most popular.
Click on the fox hunting picture to get the fox hunting article about the Belvoir fox hunt.

video of avon salmon Video of Hampshire Avon salmon fishing - Wilf used to tickle trout with his brother Jack in Great Ponton, probably trickier than salmon fishing!

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